The Purchase

I have to confess to wanting a Jensen Healey and spending many months searching for one that was in good enough condition for the right price. I viewed a few, but none of them got near good enough.

One evening I was searching the net 'again' and spotted the Top Gear video clip of the Jensen Healey, TVR S2 and Elan M100. Still I hadn't found my car - but....

A few days later I did a search through 'classic cars' on ebay, only to spot a certain G299 HOS TVR S2 for sale. No mention of the programme in the advert.....Oh no, I have to have it.

So the deed was done, quick guestimate valuation with 10% on top for luck, all in the last few seconds......

and I had Bought blind and totally at my risk without having ever touched ANY TVR before.

Then, off to Guildford we set in a mates daughters Punto, cash in pocket....MAD, worried and excited.

Turned out better than I thought it might :) Turned out to be very good with a solid chassis, sound engine, good oil pressure, I had done well!

The car was at 4 Star Classics.......a top retro car dealership in the area, lots of German stuff and this poor little British sports car.

Quick look around it and its as described, checked oil and water, paid the man and away we go. Oh, no road tax, gulp - its only 150 miles to home, we'll be fine!

I posed the question of heritage after doing the paperwork - but no connection to the beeb could be confirmed.......or any production company......or a certain Top Gear Test Track just a mile away!

Time to drive...

The first few miles were just fine, but the M25 was was less so! it was a Friday afternoon with plenty of queues and lorries.

I decided to pull off and head towards the A505, I road a know well, with Tunnels and err, well I am properly hooked. Andy popped to his sisters, leaving me all alone....

Sunny day, LOUD exhaust, tunnels.....absolute hoot all the way home. TVR should have been called the GRIN and GROWLER!

Home...........I LOVE IT.