Sunday August 1st 2010

G299HOS gets its TV appearance on Top Gear Season 15 Episode 6. Here are a few images from the show;

Thankfully its Captain Slow at the wheel around the Lotus Test Track

And he misses the cone... and is relatively gentile....

But then he carries a shed!


The team set out to prove that classic British sports cars are better than European Hot Hatchbacks. Jeremy buys a Jensen-Healey, James buys a TVR S2 and Richard buys a Lotus M100 Elan.

Challenge 1 

The presenters did laps on the Lotus test track. Hammond managed 2 minutes and 9 seconds in the Elan, James managed 2 minutes and 15 seconds while Clarkson managed 2 minutes and 17 seconds. The Stig, in a Peugeot 205 was the slowest of the three, having completed the lap in 2 minutes and 22 seconds, mainly because Jeremy bought the diesel 205 rather than the 205 GTI, claiming that he couldn't find the hot version of the car because "they've all rusted away or been crashed, or fallen to pieces".

Challenge 2 

(Part 1) The team set out on a journey to discover the remains of the TVR factory in Blackpool and the Jensen factory in Birmingham, while describing their vehicles faults as 'safety features' like the Elan's broken driver's window, claiming that it keeps the driver alert. Eventually, they found the Jensen factory, only to find that it was in a terrible condition. On the way towards their hotel, Richard pulled over for a 'picnic' to try and fix the Elan's driver window.

Challenge 3 

On the Pro Drive test track, the presenters performed a 'safety test'. The Stig, in a Citro├źn AX GT failed the test as the car's roof struck the bottom of the lorry and he barely escapes from the wreckage. As a team, the presenters asked Clarkson to use his Jensen for the test. The Jensen passed the test, due to its low ride height.

Challenge 4 

At a petrol station, the team are told to test how waterproof their cars are. James and Jeremy passed with minimal leaks while Richard passed with a little bit more water in the car, claiming that he spilled his drink. The presenters then asked the Stig to go through the car wash with a Ford Escort XR3i. The test failed as the entire interior of the car was filled with water.

Challenge 5 

The producers, 'infuriated' with the presenter's good progress, ordered them to go to a garden centre, where they'll have to try to put a Rose Arch into a Mk1 Golf GTI. The trunk space was too small for the arch and the team called it a failure. Then, the trio set off again, this time with large items in their cars (Jeremy bought a bamboo tree and a conifer, James bought a shed and Richard bought a large pot and a 'naked lady statue'),

Challenge 2 (Finale) 

The team reached the TVR factory in Blackpool, but to their horror, was also in a terrible shape. The team then said that all of their cars were the best.