June 2014

Its time for another European Tour.

October 2013

TreVoR gets a big treat - New seats courtesy of Dave the Trimmer in MK. Not the cheapest, but definitely impressed.

September 2013

Some fun with Max Unwin at Cadwell Park. A really great track day venue, plenty of bends, ups and downs to keep us entertained.

We spent most of our time harassing the 'bigger boys'…..to great effect.

Classic & Sports Cars by the Lake car show held on Sunday 1st September at Hall Farm, Bury St Edmunds. We arrived in our typical noisy style with a little exhaust testing as we queued into the grounds and despite an inner child trying to get out from one or two of our drivers we even managed not to do any impromptu do-nuts and definitely did not make any more noise than absolutely necessary.

August 13 S-Club

and of course, the cake by Sara's Kitchen!


TreVoR finally gets his combination swirl pot-header tank stainless due mod. So much pain getting all this done by local trades peeps. It would have been much easier and cheaper to buy a TIG welder!. Anyhow - results achieved, cooling great and access to oil filter now much improved. :-)

Oxburgh Hall TVRCC Trip August 13

Fun run with a mix of Trevors. Great weather and silly wife made it enjoyable!

July 2013 - Lynford Hall meet

Cooling Fan Get Replaced with an original from Australia!

June 2013 - the BBC DVD finally arrives!

Marley Run-Out June 2013

April 13 Snake Pass & Chatsworth & Sheep

May 2012

TGTVR gets a big run out to Spa Francorchamps in Belgium with many other S's and the odd chimp (former S owners with a weakness for golf clubs)

The sight of almost 30 S's meeting up in the paddocks, doing a few parade laps and owners sharing the odd tale, advice and beer really was something to behold.

TGTVR managed a 240 second lap, which by all accounts is quite sedate - but less sedate than a few.

Fun times - TGTVR & Friends (cars and owners!)

A visit to the PistenKlause restaurant (owned by the family of Ursula Schmitz superquick Nurburgring TopGear fame)